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Benefits of Private Pay

 Clients who pay out of pocket are guaranteed that the only people who know any of the details of therapy are themselves and their therapist.  Aside from normal limits to confidentiality, therapy is completely confidential, without any third party being privy to information exchanged in session.  Service Without Pressure or Stigma: Most insurance companies require a mental health diagnosis in order for therapy sessions to be covered.  This means that many issues (such as martial problems, life stress, or personal growth) are not covered by insurance anyway.  When clients pay out-of-pocket, there is no requirement of a mental health diagnosis for treatment.  Private pay also carries the additional benefit of reducing pressure to pathologize normal individuals who simply need help coping with some area of life.  Finally, treatment without the necessity of a mental health diagnosis means that the stigma of some diagnoses can often be avoided. Treatment Efficacy: Research shows that clients who have to pay something for their treatment have more positive outcomes that those who receive free treatment.  Not only do you get what you pay for, but the fact that you are paying out of pocket provides extra motivation and incentive to make the most of therapy.  How much is too much to pay for peace of mind, the renewal of a relationship, or finally finding freedom in an area of life that has previously seemed unattainable? $500?  $1000?  $5000?  Some people would pay ten times that to experience the real progress and change that can happen in therapy.  What is the change you are seeking worth to you?