​​​​​​Frequently asked questions

If you don't accept my insurance, can I get my insurance company to pay for my therapy?

Yes. You can use out of network coverage with your insurance company to pay for
therapy.  If you do, your insurance company can reimburse you for therapy. The amount
of reimbursement depends on the coverage you have. Please note that most insurance
companies require you to have a diagnosis to receive reimbursement, and they do
document this information. Please contact your insurance company to determine
reimbursement rates. I will complete the necessary documentation you will need to
submit to your insurance company. 

To see a list of benefits of private pay click here  

How do I schedule an appointment?*

Send a text message to 410 302-5412 or email me at christinalaw@mettallc.com . I may not be able to get back with you timely if you leave a voice message, so I ask that you use these preferred means for reaching me.

What can I expect from a session?

Therapy session last 45 to 60 minutes. I will assist with effective coping, relationship building, improving self-image, and improving overall daily life.  If applicable, homework assignments may be given.  All therapy is provided in a compassionate, safe space.

 What is your availability?

Availability varies. Most sessions are after 5:30 on weekdays and Saturdays if a slot is available, Tele-mental health sessions (video) make therapy very convenient and allow for more flexibility. Contact me to see how I may be able to accommodate your schedule.

 Do you offer therapy outside of an office?
I am completely virtual and provide video sessions through Thera-link.

Metta, LLC

Metta, LLC

Send an email or Text for a consultation and appointment:

410 302-5412