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What is Sex Therapy?


Sex  therapy is very much like any other psychotherapy, in that it is a form of talk therapy and does not involve undressing or touching in the office. Sex therapy can be effective for individuals or couples of all ages, races, religions, and levels of experience. Sex therapy may be done with an individuals and/or couples. Sex therapy or sexuality counseling is helpful for the full range of adult sexual concerns, including sexual dysfunctions (erectile disorder, premature ejaculation, lack of orgasm, painful intercourse, low or mismatched sex drives),  survivors of sexual trauma, gender issues, fetishes, sex addiction/compulsion, affairs and mistrust issues and orientation conflicts or confusion. 

Sex therapy is relatively brief, typically lasting eight to twelve sessions. The first session is for assessment of the issues and to obtain medical, psychological, relationship, and sexual histories. You will be provided with a prognosis and description of the specific treatment plan that is recommended for you. Common elements include intimate communications, caring behaviors, sexuality education, relaxation training, cultivating healthier attitudes regarding sexuality, and touching exercises to be carried out in the privacy of your home.

 Sex therapy is often not covered by insurance. However, some sexuality counseling may be provided under your insurance as part of your treatment for such conditions as anxiety, depression, and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).